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About Pivool

Borderless, free-minded and individually colourful, yet energetic and laser-focused on achieving shared goals. That is how we want to work with our customers as a team, and we believe it is how our customers' goals can be best achieved.
We wish to tag along with you to fuel our future.

We are ready to learn and pivot with you.

Technology, economy, culture, politics, planet Earth, warfare... The state and norms of the world are evolving by the minute, and it feels like changes are happening even faster. To survive, thrive, and shape our future, it is now more critical than ever for all of us to keep learning and adapting.

At Pivool, we are committed to learning new skills and pivoting every day alongside our customers. We believe in shaping our future together with you. That's why we provide business and technical consultation services, leveraging our software and business engineering skills, as well as our global network of software, security, and business professionals.


Creating Software Applications

If you want to create and release new apps and services, we can help you get started. We can also work with you to deliberate on and fine-tune your ideas for a new business that uses software applications, leveraging agile and experimental methods.

Furthermore, if you want to work on projects with software engineers but lack internal expertise or resources, we are here to help.

Building a Software Engineering Team for you

If you want to build an in-house or contract-based Software Engineering team, or if you are looking for Software Development professionals, we are here to help.

There are various ways to build an engineering team. From hiring contractors, hiring in-house engineers, team acquisition through M&A, to team augmentation (so-called Lab-type team), there is no single correct answer. Let's find the methods that suite your case.

Our experts collectively have experiences both in very successful team building as well as ones that did not work so well. 

What the world needs,
We offer

Web3, Metaverse, Deep Tech... We will hire any new technology if they have value to offer for us to develop services that the world needs.

Following are some of such values and questions we will provide answers to:

We will challenge the challenges that the world faces. We will develop services to solve such challenges, and will keep experimenting to make tomorrow a better place.

Our Team

Takeshi Sasaki

Founder and CEO

Enjoys and appreciates problem solving. Addicted to working with great minds from all over the world, young or old.


Joined SAP in 1996. After 15 years of software and solution development in the global enterprise software leading company, moved on to creating software applications and solving problems in  a non-enterprise space at IDeep Global solutions, then on to solving problems in the educations industry. 

Relocated to Singapore to create and operate an international software development hub at Edutech Lab AP Pte. Ltd.

Keiji Taguchi

Co-founder and Executive Director

A technologist turned part-time strategist. Particularly interested in inter-company business value chain, identity management, cloud services, digital disruption, change management, and digital transformation.


CEO & Founder at digil Inc. and Evangelist at Domo, Inc. Vast experiences as CXO, IT architect, and business analyst in a wide variety of retail business applications.


Hideki Ninomiya

Business and Global Coalition Advisor

A technology expert specialising in both Digital Transformation and Cyber Security. Leverages and manages a wide range of technologies for accomplishing business goals and objectives. With Pivool, forms a global coalition of technology companies to answer to the customer needs.


Founder & CEO at Orient Co., Ltd. Has been responsible for the global IT infrastructure integrations, operations, and management at a life-science company and its holdings company. Also has a strong background in global bridge-engineering between global high-tech companies and Japanese corporations.

Company Information

Company Name: Pivool Pte. Ltd.

Company Address: 20 COLLYER QUAY #09-01 SINGAPORE (049319)

UEN Number: 202308934D

Established on: 9th March, 2023

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